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United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is an independent private management consulting firm that provides various services, through contractual agreement to foster due diligence in business organizations and agencies.The company is a mission-oriented body of professionals driven to help various business organizations and agencies to achieve corporate goals, save cost and time, maximize human capital, and regain prosperity, with fewer resources, of companies predominately across the continent of Africa. The leadership of the company's core values is built on the fundamental principles that reflect transparency, reliability, and professionalism, which provides a high level of dynamism, fortitude, and perseverance to act as an agent of change in demanding organizations. We specialize in working in partnership, and collaboration with organizational leaderships that need changes and are seeking a more pragmatic approach to solve inherent problems in an institution. Our priority is to help a company's aspirations and provide the logistics to be committed to a new operation of rebranding the corporate image of that company or business agency.
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited
Our company management and strategies are based on core values to promote efficiency, reliability, and sustainability to ensure clients satisfaction in accordance with the aspiration of our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mannixs Paul is the Chairman of United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited, promoter of the Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield, “pragmatic fraud preventive innovation for the continent of Africa.” Dr. Paul is also the President of Uniworld Corporate Investigations and Security Specialists LLC, USA, and the Continental Director for the IICFIP, North America, and a member of the Global Faculty of IICFIP. He is a professional Management Consultant that is committed to promoting due diligence and implementation of change in organizations.
 He is an expert Researcher  in Organizational Behavioral Development (OBD), Licensed Private Investigative Practitioner (LPIP), Business Intelligence analyst, Certified Security Guard Instructor\Trainer (Public Safety), Campus School of Business and Technology, University of Phoenix, (Adjunct Associate Professor), Notary Public (Certified), Certified Forensic Investigations Professional,(CFIP), and experience in the implementation of compliance rules and regulations, expert in rule-based cultural orientation, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, and organizational behavioral examiner.
 Dr. Paul is also a scholar practitioner, a holder of Doctor of Philosophy, Organization and Management Degree with a concentration in General Business, USA. He is also a graduate of honor in Master of Public Administration with specialty in Law and Management, USA, and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies, USA, and a holder of National Diploma in Law, and he is committed to organizational development for quality improvement.Dr Paul is goal-oriented and empowered by his firsthand work experiences in various corporate and public agencies, which include U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement), NYS Office of Attorney General (Consumer Fraud Prevention Unit), the City of New York (Fraud and Employee Discipline Investigations), NYPD (A\Police Officer),  Financial Industry (Insurance), and Risk Management (Consulting Firms).
Other related job experiences include compliance enforcement, internal investigations, fraud investigation, public safety, case management, team support for legal proceedings, Academic Journal (Peer Reviewer), and relative newspapers publications in fraud and corruption issues. Dr. Paul is highly self motivated, foresighted, hard working, and dependable and have acquired various trainings include: (FCPA and Anti- Corruption: A Strategic Approach, Compliance, Risk, Regulation & Investigation, and Accounting and Audits – Conducting Internal Investigation, ACFE, USA), Interviewing & Interrogating Training, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Police Basic Training, (NYPD), Basic Course for Peace Officer Training, NYS Division of Municipal Police Training Council, and Excellent Award in Public Administration, Long Island University.
Specialties: Mannixs is well informed and expert in organizational behavioral management,  human capital development, leadership and conflict resolution techniques, public and business administration, human resources management, public policy and regulation, business and administrative law, ethics and social responsibility, risk management and business strategy. Other include ethical cultural orientation techniques, financial accounting, law and management, security management, forensic science, criminology, fact finding ( fraud and general investigations), legal aspect of healthcare management, implementation of organizational strategy and analytical research method, which exposed him to this field of specialty. 
Oyin-Emi Eserifa, DBA
Mannixs Paul, Ph.D., FCFIP
Chairman & CEO
Dr. Oyin-Emi Eserifa, Associate Management Consultant to United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited. He has had vast experience in a variety of positions, including industry research, systems and business analysis, procurement and planning, logistics consulting, and healthcare management.
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