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Among the various services provided by United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited are risk management, logistic support, implementation of organizational strategy change, corporate security, provider of United Business Intelligence System, a robust fraud prevention program, compliance enforcement, analysis of counter-terrorism issues relating to public safety, business intelligence data analysis, institutionalized organization problem analysis, research and discovery, emergency response management, deterrence and detection of fraud, anticorruption innovations, independent worldwide documents verification and reporting service, fact-finding and support of litigation case analysis, expert witnessing services, implementation and promotion of code of conduct, compliance rules, regulations, policies and procedures, integrity testing, ethical business orientation, development of organizational culture, coaching and training for staff and leadership development in companies, mission-oriented agencies, and other institutions.
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited consulting operations are pragmatic innovations that are geared to benefit our clients in minimizing the risk in businesses. We help to ease the burden and frustration for leaders and top executives of organizations in making objective decisions in the face of competitive opinions in business. Our trained experts in various fields help to evaluate and scrutinize the overall challenges faced by organizations and agencies while considering the long and short time benefits and the probable consequence of key decisions before providing lasting solutions.
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited provides services that facilitate key changes in organizational strategies and business solutions that are geared towards the modification of collective and individual behavior to embrace best business practices in companies, agencies, and other bureaucratic organizations, which diminishes the predisposed high-risk management failure, unethical business practices, and fraud and corruption that affect the successful continuity of business enterprises. Our scopes of services are not limited but customized to the needs of agencies, business organizations, public agencies, and corporations.
Re-energizing the effort of supporting business communities in researching new ideas that further promote the quest for best business practices in fraud risk mitigation and improving ethical conduct among the stakeholders in the continent of Africa, and helping to keep employees headed in the right direction to accomplish organizational objectives.
Providing customized remedies based on the understanding that employees are now culturally predisposed to the get rich quick syndrome that has driven organizations to the cliff of total failure Africa, which ultimately affects dedicated employees, stockholders, key investors, business partners, customers, and the public in general, and brings a discredit to third world countries.
The aspiration is to develop case-by-case studies applying critical thinking and collaboration of data and information to providing an endearing solution for organizations, and bridge the gap between profit and loss, rebranding organizations from unethical to an ethical cultural orientation that is anticorruption and antifraud oriented.
Work in partnership with organizations to utilize all available resources to provide excellent services for companies, academic institutions, multinational agencies, financial industries, oil companies, and governmental agencies to achieve their objectives for the common good for the stakeholders and others.
To furnish services that give excellent opportunities for organizations and leaders of agencies to uncover lapses within organizations and to assist to identify the undisclosed activities, and provide anticorruption initiatives, early detection of fraud and prevention programs, enforcement of compliance programs and support to cases and risk analysis.
We specialize in providing the antidote or counteractive measures to overcome the pitfalls that trigger faulty administrations, lack of trust and betrayal of confidence, wastefulness, security risk, fraudulent activities, insecurity, synchronized practices of corruption; an ineffective code of conduct and employees' behavioral patterns that fail to comply to rules, regulation, and policy, and we provide options to uncover wrongdoing within organizations.
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