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United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is a multifaceted organizations that provides management consulting, information and intelligence discovery, logistic and implementation change in an organization, risk assessment, security, counter-terrorism and public safety consulting, and pre-employment screening. In addition, we carry out oversight functions, act as intermediary for technical support and promotion of due diligences.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of corporate businesses, bureaucratic organizations, local and multinational agencies, governmental agencies, financial institutions, academic institutions, and others to enforce compliances to rules, regulations, codes of conduct, and provide the guidance needed to promote efficiency, reliability, dependability, and transparency and an ethical culture in organizations.

United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is a developer of standard in-house inquiry practices that help organizations to reduce the risk that threatens the overall unctions of corporations, including the reputation of highly placed stakeholders within an organization and other possible obstacles, consequently mitigating the effect of an organization's integrity as well as likely legal ramifications.

UCRMC Limited specializes in providing coaching and training in risk and security management, fraud investigation, anticorruption initiatives, compliance enforcement techniques, and implementation of organizational cultural changes. We help organization to close the gap between management and employee conflict to achieve the corporate mission of the organization.

UCMC Limited possesses the expertise to examine, research, and evaluate employees and agents of organizations to verify or substantiate whether there is any probable abuse of power, misuse of public trust, corruption, wrongdoing, waste, and gross mismanagement. As independent fact finders we are able to assist organizations, agencies, and corporations to identify vulnerabilities and corruption hazards. Each of our service is geared to provide a comprehensive analysis on how organizations function, which include the use of their resources, and human capital. This is vital for policy and regulatory recommendations and decisions on how to maximize staff efficiency and prioritize service delivery, as well as overseeing staff tasked and problem solving.
Coaching and Training for Staff Developemnt
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