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Organizational Risk Management
Businesses in contemporary times demand agencies, organizations and administrations to be prudent and to implement better strategies to reduce the vulnerability of risks and become successful, and continue in business while achieving organizational key objectives. As business solution providers we help to establish a risk-management system that adds value to organizations to reduce the high level of business hazard. United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited helps clients at various organizations or businesses to develop and re-energizes customized methods of risk management to support the needs of business and help to reinvent a better ethical business cultural orientation that is progressive. Our new innovations, "Afro-Red-Flag Protective Shield" provide a better model of business solution that tackles multifaceted issues that affect the fortunes of business.
National and Continental Ethical Orientation Promotion and White-Collar Prevention Program
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited provides the technical supports for companies and bureaucratic agencies to adjust to a proactive corporate culture, enables ethical work friendly environment, and help to motivate employees to adhere to code of conduct, rules and regulations, and display a sense of accountability and trustworthiness that is antifraud and anti corruption in a working environment that is often corrupt and depraved.
Anti-fraud Promotion Services
Business ethics teach that the risk of fraud, and corrupt business practices cannot be undermined by any agencies or business organization or administration if they wish to accomplish long term objectives and remain competitive. The devastating effect of fraud or corruption does not only affect dedicated employees, customers, and investors but affect the credibility of the company and the reputation of the nation worldwide. Occupational crime has become daily occurrences that threaten the fortunes of enterprises and the present-day business environment demands an insider crime prevention programs.
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited introduces National and Continental Program for White-Collar Prevention known as Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield designed for companies, agencies, and organizations in Africa.
The concept of the fraud triangle provides better understanding why insiders crimes have become daily rountine buniness in organizations. Dr. Donald R. Cressey, a renowned criminologist and sociologist in the fraud triangle theory identified three fundamental dynamics of individual levels of fraud, which include motive, opportunity, and rationalization.
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