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Fraud Triangle
National and Continental Ethical Orientation Promotion and White-Collar Prevention Program
Motive is best described as the incentive or financial pressure, job dissatisfaction or fear of losing a job.
Opportunity is defined as the prevailing conditions of the work environment that allow fraud to occur. Fraud can only transpire if the employee must believe the crime can be committed and concealed and without much consequence.
Rationalization is described as the attitude or the mindset that enables employees or individuals to rationalize the fraudulent act or omission within an organization.
Uncover the Secret of White-Collar Crime
in your Company and Business Enterprises
Our top management perspective is that white-collar crimes are comprised by sophisticated employees and often times with various links as a syndicate to accomplish a large aggregate of fraud with entanglement
*Very often, opportunity find it easy to by-pass conventional counting control system
*Dishonesty is the the order of the day and is frequently a barometer of mismanagement
*Employees are no better than their supervisors
As a rule, insider's crimes are always a problem that mostly start from the top and work downwards. Hence, it would be na´ve to pretend there is a simple quick-fix solution to fraud-related problems without a strong connection between top management of companies or agencies and compliance enforcement agents and ethics promotion professionals. Responsibility for the promotion of integrity of agencies, corporations, administrations and their employees or stakeholders begins and ends with the leadership or head of the organizations.
Appoint us today as independent monitoring teams and we become your extra eye to understand the hidden secret of your business, environment and the people whom alleged as the team of your business.
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield innovation is a pragmatic management tool that is designed for national and as well as international application. It adds efficiency to organizations or agencies, which helps to lower workers' fraud inclinations. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is an added security measure in organizations, which helps to reduce the high risk of insiders' crime and is fraud prevention and detection driven.

However, the program is for either national and international application and is intended to modify employee conduct in agencies or companies and help them to adapt to ruled-based orientation that foster ethical cultural orientation, especially businesses that are surrounded by lifestyles that are infected by depravity. The program courage companies or agencies to reinforce an ethical work culture that is antifraud and anticorruption, enabling a positive work atmosphere that promotes best business practices.
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