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The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield innovation is a pragmatic management tool that is designed for national and as well as international application. It adds efficiency to organizations or agencies, which helps to lower workers' fraud inclinations. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is an added security measure in organizations, which helps to reduce the high risk of insiders' crime and is fraud prevention and detection driven. However, the program is for either national and international application and is intended to modify employee conduct in agencies or companies and help them to adapt to ruled-based orientation that foster ethical cultural orientation, especially businesses that are surrounded by lifestyles that are infected by depravity. The program courage companies or agencies to reinforce an ethical work culture that is antifraud and anticorruption, enabling a positive work atmosphere that promotes best business practices.
Antifraud and Anti-corruption Awareness
The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is a robust fraud prevention program protected by United Business Intelligence System for companies or agencies in Africa. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied is an innovation that allows companies to join hand-in- hand to reduce insider's white-collar crime risks, promotes awareness of relative antifraud laws and regulations, assesses the impact on companies. Provides antifraud and anticorruption enabling a workplace that helps to keep employees heading in right pathway, which is a gateway to encourage workers to foster ethical conduct and loyalty in organizations that circumvent unlawful activities.
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