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Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Program, "White-Collar Crime Prevention Innovation" Benefits
Reinforce moral immunity against amoral behavior, societal depravity, and peer pressure
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied provides a moral immunity against social depravity and immoral behavioral conduct by employees in the workplace. The new pragmatic fraud prevention program has an inherent ability to improve of employee's self-respect, professionalism, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, answerability, fairness and a caring and corporate citizenship for their company or agency to achieve the corporate mission.
Independent private contribution to support the business community
The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield program is an independent private contribution to support the business community as an added measure of anticorruption and fraudulent activities or unethical practices among employees that affect businesses. The program itself promotes effective interaction among various organizations to provide enabling environment that supports all applicable institutional laws and regulations for the fight against fraudulent activities and corrupt practices in nations.
The program comprises diverse corporate bodies and is deemed as a social network created for a collective reformation, a unified force of changing employee's conduct, setting standards of measuring employees' performance, encouraging employees to acclimatize to best business practices, and to dissuade employees or appointed agents from dubious pursuits to defraud their employers or organizations.
Strategic approach for employee's moral and ethical development
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield innovation is tailored to provide a strategic approach for employee's moral and ethical development and foster antifraud, and anticorruption enabling working environment to increase a greater sense of accountability among employees. Developing a comprehensive intelligence of dubious employees, and other related crimes can provide a rich source of information to participating companies of the trend and patterns of fraudulent activities, and how to reduce the risk of such activities.
The United Business intelligence system is an employers' reporting system, accessed by only participating members, and updated voluntarily by members. The system reports insiders fraud crimes or any related misconducts, including the type of fraud and deposition of the case. The fraud prevention program is also regarded as a social-network o companies committed to promoting antifraud and anticorruption cultural orientation in the workplace through sharing information. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield has become an effective management tool to influence and manage employees' behavioral conduct, particularly in a depraved and perverted business and social environment.
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