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United Business Intelligences System (UBIS)
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United Strategic Compliance Machinery for Ethics Promotion in Business
Welcome to United Business Intelligences System managed by United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited. The Afro-Red Protective Shield Innovation is protected by UBIS is a pragmatic management tool, which is designed with the option of a national or continental fraud prevention program that constitute united front against fraud and unethical business practice in companies and business agencies. For unrestrained occupational fraud in companies is a gateway of triggering complex issues of uncertainty and other related crimes that affect top management staffs, and dedicated employees of organizations, where employers have no options to utilize unorthodox precautionary methods by cultivating indispensable values among employees. This innovative program is designed to enables ethical work friendly environment and helps to motivate employees to imbibe code of conduct, compliance to rules and regulation, greater sense of accountability and trustworthiness that is antifraud and anti-corruption oriented in a challenged and depraved working surroundings.
The managing company of the program does no control the reporting contents of any insider's crime activities. Therefore, participating members of this program are required to transmit only information that is valid, true, authentic and for any false or any fraudulent or information is sole responsibility of the transmitter, and be warned. Each member of the social-business link must comply with the rules and service charge as stipulated to access system, and enjoy the benefits, and the managing company maintained the right to cancel terminates services if observed as intentional violation of the rules, or use this forum to defraud any participating company or business enterprise. The information obtained or provided by each member is solely used for business decision relating to preventive and detecting of fraud relating practices, and promotion of ethical practices in organizations and all other is void.
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Innovation, "White-Collar Crimes Prevention & Detection, Employees Assistance, and Ethical Orientation Program for Business".
Registration of companies are effective and all prospective participating companies or agencies presently are required to request application package by email address as provided. Our team of Risk Managers will forward you a new membership package for completion, and only validated applicants will be provided access code to membership forum after thirty days of receiving your completed application form for factual verification processing for authentication membership and addition information will be requested if needed during the process.
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