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Reinvention of National and Continental Fraud Prevention Program Emerged for Companies & Agencies in Africa
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We are pleased to announced the reinvention a well-refined pragmatic risk management tool, "Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Program" which is designed to help companies to minimize the magnitude of insiders' white-collar crimes in businesses. Our strategic compliance innovation is to assist to promote ruled-based orientation among employees or appointed agents and enables institutions, companies, and business agencies to achieve a sustainable business practice by fostering antifraud enabling workplace in organizations. We are committed to quality improvement of businesses and helping companies to achieve corporate goals by providing customize logistic supports to reinforce code of conduct, policy, and procedures, rules and regulations, and staff development that facilitates ethical compliance in businesses to minimize the opportunities of fraud that are committed by employees.
As business risk managers and antifraud professionals, we are offering companies or agencies our pragmatic antifraud and anticorruption program based on the premise that prevention of fraud is easier and a better option for companies than dealing with the insiders' white-collar crimes. The inability to reinstate due diligence in companies or business organizations is costly, which typically results in a waste of time, manpower, and financial resources, and leads to negative publicity. Management and Anti-fraud experts suggested that litigation of fraud matters are mostly noted as no win-win situations. Why wait to patronize our workplace integrity surveillance and reporting system, which is connected to a web of shared business intelligence with various institutions, companies, and business agencies with a common goal, minimizing the cost of fighting insiders' white-collar crimes, and providing peace of mind and fostering greater opportunities to build a dedicated workforce that is profitable for business.
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is an independent national and continental provider of better business solutions, and strategic compliance machinery that facilitates the enforcement of compliance and promotion of ethics in workplaces. Our Afro Red Flag Protective Shield program is a robust fraud prevention program protected by United Business Intelligence System for companies or agencies in Africa. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied is an innovation that allows companies to join hand-in-hand to reduce insider's white-collar crime risks, promote awareness of relative antifraud laws and regulations, assessing the impact on companies, providing an antifraud and anticorruption enabling workplace. The program also helps to keep employees ahead in a right pathway, which is a gateway to motivate workers to foster ethical behavioral conduct, promote employee loyalty in companies, and help to circumvent unlawful activities.
In addition, our Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is both a management tool and employees' assistance program that advances productivity in companies, adds value to company's reputation, improves customers confident level, and business referral privilege among a network of participating companies or agencies. Among the several benefits include: worldwide publicity of company profile, social network of companies national or continental, potential market expansion, enhance ID of insiders' crimes predators, ID of patterns of fraud and preventive methods, members' protection from fraud predators through shared business intelligence among companies with other membership benefits included in package.
This innovation is driven as an acknowledgement to the disintegrating social, moral, and ethical values around the business surroundings, which now has a high degree of influence promoting institutionalized fraud practices in workplaces. Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied fraud prevention program is geared to enable companies and business agencies to develop an effective workforce that nurtures zero tolerance to fraudulent activities in workplaces. Based on the underlying principle that conventional method of controlling employees behavioral conduct is unachievable, organizational missions are in jeopardy and the senses of integrity among employees has a higher probable compromise.
The United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited mission is to facilitate better business practices in organizations and agencies to foster values of trustworthiness, transparency, dependability, efficiency, while helping to develop pragmatic approaches to identify the pitfalls, and suggest solutions to impending problems in organizations, improve the productivity, and help management and top leaders to make well-informed decisions in achieving corporate objectives.
Nevertheless, participating companies of this program only pay an annual fee at a fix-rate price based on staff strength. More details are included in our leaflets and forms, and we provide customize recommendations annually base on the results of the simple workforce assessment survey using a random sampling technique, and the statistical data analysis will be sent to top management of participating companies for better decision making and problem solving. Other relative benefits for patronage, including discounted training programs, free referral services, and consultation.
Participating companies are required to complete a comprehensive application form signed by key decision makers of the business agency or company with payment, which is web enabled or through our appointed agents or financial institutions but all payments must be made to United Compliance & Risk Management Consult Limited. Prospective companies are advised to provide verifiable information in your application form that will be examined by our underwriting unit of trained antifraud and risk management specialists. All validated applicants will be receiving a membership package, including an authorized declaration to use of our National or Continental Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield for public notification that is displayed in business premises.
Please, always feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding to our company services. Our aspiration is to help business agencies, and companies to achieve their optimal goals, and we can always be reached by phone or send us email. Our application processes is web-enabled, easy, and fast with no inconvenience, visit our website for more information if needed.

Dr. Mannixs E. Paul, PhD,CFIP
Chairman\ Chief Executive Officer
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