United Compliance and RiskManagement Consult Limited maintains a service oriented divisons as United CRMC Interlink Services. The general scope of our Buiness InterLink services through our appointed agent(s) and partners in business to help to build our clients financial future at ease, enhance corporate pride, restore companies or agency intergrity, build stakeholders confidence in organizations, and help to preserve companies and agencies heritage. United CRMC- Interlink Services are not just securing the companies broken finances or bridges but restoring organizational pride and closing the cracks in organizations. Our services are multifacet are are designed to benefit our clients give rest of mind. These services include:
*Crises management *Emergency response service providers
*Oversight Function and project evaluation
*Surveillance and GPS tracking system
*Referral services and protocol Services
United Compliance & Risk Management Consult Limited
United CRMC- Interlink Services Division
United CRMC Insurance Agency
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited provides corporate independent intermediary service to liaise between our clients and various insurance product providers. Our well-trained risk managers help our clients to facilitate our fraud prevention and detection programs and to reduce financial loss handled by our insurance unit of our clients. We help organizations and companies to minimize the level of business risk in a customize fashion and provide various insurance products as required by the needs of our clients. Our experts provide professional care in analysing long and short-term goals of clients and support our clients to prevent unpredicted finance loss through dependable insurance business providers. We provide all insurance coverages include:
*Fidelity guarantee insurance *Professional indemnity insurance
*Expatriate\National Healthcare *Global health insurance *Emergency evacuation program
*Emergency medical insurance *General insurance *Commercial insurance
*Property insurance *Auto " Life insurance and endowment policy * Others
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