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Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Program,
"White-Collar Crime Prevention Innovation"
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield innovation is tailored to provide a strategic approach for employee's moral and ethical development and foster antifraud, and anticorruption enabling working environment to increase a greater sense of accountability among employees. Developing a comprehensive intelligence of dubious employees, and other related crimes can provide a rich source of information to participating companies of the trend and patterns of fraudulent activities, and how to reduce the risk of such activities. The United Business intelligence system is an employers' reporting system, accessed by only participating members, and updated voluntarily by members. The system reports insiders fraud crimes or any related misconducts, including the type of fraud and deposition of the case. The fraud prevention program is also regarded as a social-network o companies committed to promoting antifraud and anticorruption cultural orientation in the workplace through sharing information. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield has become an effective management tool to influence and manage employees' behavioral conduct, particularly in a depraved and perverted business and social environment.
Strategic approach for employee's moral and ethical development
Quick transformation
Developmnt of commited workforce
Improvement of corporate ethical culture
The self-reporting antifraud program is synchronized by an independent risk managing enterprise in creating a common pool of shared experiences or incidents among participating companies. This program requires a preacquaintance of employees of the fraud prevention program; members display the logo of the Afro Red- Flag Protection Shield at the business premise, which is deemed as a public warning of antifraud hotline accessibility, and incidents of insiders' fraud are reported to "United Business Intelligence System," a continental shared pool of ethical business oriented companies.
Identify fraudulent patterns and ID Perpetrators
Top leaders of participating companies and agencies are advised to reinforce their company's compliance to rules and regulations, educate members of staff or workers of the mitigating impact to allure or partake in fraudulent conduct or corrupt practices, "insiders white-collar crimes," which is reckoned as immoral, unlawful and sustained as a serious violation against company policies and procedures that are enforced by the United Business Intelligence System.
Classic antifraud and anticorruption Initiatives for leadership
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied is qualified as an enrichment program that facilitates quick transformation without undermining the assumptions for the use of conventional methods for fraud prevention. These include the use of implementations of rules and policies, effective internal control systems, ethical training, auditing, monitoring and effectual case management. There are acceptable standards for the survival of business, mitigating the risk of vulnerability to criminal acts, preventing violations of local and international rules and regulations, and reducing the risk of penalties for organizations.
We are adapting a multifaceted approach to help businesses, including financial institution, academic institutions, private and public organizations, agencies, and corporations to inculcate self-discipline among employees, and develop reciprocal relationships that generates a committed workforce. Companies are becoming daily vulnerable to the systematic insider crimes of fraud and unethical business practices that are a concern to investors, customers, and regulatory bodies worldwide.
The program provides an opportunity for employers to bridge the gap of relationship with their employees fostering loyalty and corporate citizenship to a new level of unpretentious behaviors toward fraud and dubious activities in an organization. Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is a blueprint for farsighted driven companies or employers who participate in an strategic alliance of a nonbinding risk assessment network pool. The program is exclusively designed to achieve collective protection against insiders' fraud, minimize the threat of employees' disloyalty, and improve corporate reputation and employees' welfare, and integrity recognition for being a member for continental promotion of ethical business practices. The program is designed to add value to companies for their effort in promoting business integrity and excellence for providing antifraud and anticorruption oriented enabling workplaces that is accustomed to rules and regulations and are supporters for efficacy, and best business practices in Africa.
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