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Our Antifraud and anti-corruption promoting division of United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited also specialize in conducting trainings and seminars on fraud-related issues for organizations. We are always instructional for the promotion of quality improvement for our clients' service that enables us to provide the options to maintain satellite offices in organizations as stipulated by an agreement as an independent agent to reengineer ethical oriented culture that promotes best business practice and providing unbiased comprehensive reports that help top management decisions and the implementation of strategic changes in organizations, which include:
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is managed by a group of hi-tech professionals, and is exposed to a global network of compliances and risk experts including the privilege of a strategic nonbinding alliance with Uniworld Corporate Investigations and Security Specialists, LLC, USA, an independent private licensed and bonded investigation and management consult practitioner. We are experienced, foresighted, and linked to a global network of risk and compliance professionals, which gives us the advantage in providing technical and logistic support that benefits companies through our intercontinental service option.
We are expert in providing technical assistance and pragmatic approaches to reduce the risk of systematic practices of unethical, fraudulent, corrupt practices in organizations and businesses that want to promote employees' sense of accountability and responsibility, and thus reduce the cost of production that maximizes profit. This is our paramount priority in working with businesses.
Our intercontinental service and other programs are intended to provide compelling interest for organizations and their stakeholders to foster an enabling work environment that supports a real discipline of change setting a benchmark for institutionalized transformation.
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