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Rapid Fix for Insiders Fraud Prevention Innovation for Africa
Multinational corporations worldwide have become victims of Insiders' White-Collar Crimes and have rendered these corporations worthless because of the treachery of appointed agents, trusted partners, and employees. The propensity of fraud has doubled, especially in depraved societies that are accustomed to a value system that has a need for Rule-Based-Cultural Orientation. Doing business in such encircling morale decadence has become an easier said than done, where the yield of diligence and good corporate citizenship have become grossly discounted. For the continuity of business in extraordinary times such as these, a synchronized response with an unusual measure to safeguard an unwavering success needs to be instituted.

Conventional rule stipulates that a predisposition be laid on individuals whom much is given to reciprocate in a greater measure to society; correspondingly, a higher responsibility and accountability are required on the part of organizational leadership to minimize the opportunities for fraud. Therefore, the success of companies or business agencies greatly depends on the ability of the top executives to ensure improved customers confident level or positive public perception, providing peace of mind for dedicated employees, investors and partners in the business worldwide, which is the pivot for good business practice.
Based on this premise, it has become an accepted assumption that the success of any business today promised no guarantees tomorrow, which suggest that no business enterprise is too big to fail; and the failure of any business enterprise or agencies are being expedited with uncontrolled Insiders White-Collar Crimes activities. Organizational behavioral researchers and antifraud experts suggested that most business fail at the peak of their success because of the following three key factors:
*Mismanagement * Insiders' White- Collar Crimes *Beach of Trust
Our Fraud and Risk management experts advocated that top management of companies or agencies cannot underestimate the disparaging epidemic dimension of "get-rich-quick syndrome" among employees today, if anticipating achieving optimal business practice among appointed agents of an institution, else obtaining success and stability of business is just a mirage.
Modifification of employees Perception of Fraud and Corruption
This program is an effort of our team of compliance and risk experts advocating for foresighted companies to support the ongoing crusade against systemic fraudulent activities that affect businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs. The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied is a well-defined customized innovation designed to facilitate best business practice for companies or agencies in the continent of Africa. The innovation has a far-reaching potential of reinventing the fight against fraud, remodeling a depraved culture, restraining fraud inclinations, fostering employee discipline, and expediting employees' quick adaptation to best business practice in companies, institution, and agencies.
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