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The driven force of business enterprise is profit making and the "Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Program assists companies to bridge the gap between loss and gain by minimizing the risk of insiders' crime that is prevalent in society today for the benefit of companies or agencies in several methods, which include:
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Call us today or complete web-based application for a membership. Please be advised that The Afro Red-Flag Protective Shied is an innovation that allows companies to join hand-in- hand to reduce insider's white-collar crime risks. This is a web-based network of companies that are committed in promoting ethical oriented workforce that facilitates organizational efficiency, professionalism, and reliability through the power of shared information. Appointed agent to access this system must be in decision-making capacity of the company or agency, and the knowledge shared among the participants is purely to enable top managers and leaders of agencies and companies to make well inform decision. Therefore, all intending members are required to compliance with their local laws and company policies before registering as a member, and supply of misinformation and misuse of shared business intelligence is prohibited, and managing company reserves the right to discontinue service and all other privileges to any organization or individual(s) and group(s).
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