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JIAFI- Human Capital Development-West African Sub-Region, Abuja, Federal Capital of Nigeria (June 28th-30th 2016)
The theme of the Seminar is "Changing the Paradigm of Leadership Strategy: Deterrence of White-Collar Crimes & Corruption in Developing Countries (Africa)

*Top Business Managers,* Leaders,* Business Entrepreneurs, *Career Politicians,* Legal Practitioners,*Auditors Accountants*

*Security Managers*Judicial

Officers*Investigators* Anti-corruption

*Officers* White Collar Crime Investigators* *Investigative Journalists*Government RegulationAgents* Military Administrative Officers * Academicians, * University Students Majoring in Accounting, Criminal Justice & Forensic Science.

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Tri-fold Professional Validation Enhancement Program:
=Certificate of Continuing Professional Education &  Expedites IICFIP Certification through 3 days real time training & development in JIAFI Seminar Session, 2016
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