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Joint International Alliance Forensic Investigations Seminar \Training Session, Abuja -Ongoing
West African Sub Region
Tri-fold Professional Validation Enhancement Program, " TPVEP"
Great Opportunity for Continuing Professional Education and Expedite IICFIP Certification, USA
Core topics: Prevention of White-Collar Crimes & Corruption* Intelligence Management* Organizational Leadership
Theme: Changing the paradigm of leadership strategy:deterrence of White-Collar Crimes & Corruption in developing countries ( Africa)
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United Compliance & Risk Management Consult Limited
Accredited Tuition Center for International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc, & Uniworld Professional Training Academy, USA
Courtesy of Uniworld Corporate Investigations and Security Specialists LLC, USA
Promoting the Excellence of due diligence, Forensic Investigations, and Public Safety Skills Globally
UCRMC Limited is an independent management consulting firm that fosters due diligence in business organizations, using a systematic methodology in highly valued specializations, which comprise: •Corporate Fraud Prevention & Detection •Workforce Development & Leadership Training •Public Safety Training & Oversight Function •Organizational Behavioral Analysis •Anti-Corruption Orientation •Implementation of Policies and Procedures •Reinforcement of Compliance Rules and Regulations •Manage Care, Organizational Strategy & Planning, Research & Development •Promotion of Better Business Practices in the Continent of Africa.
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