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Afro Ref-Flag Protective Shield Program, " White-Collar Crime Prevention Innovation " Benefits
Enhancement of Antifraud and Anticorruption enabling workplace
The program is designed as part of a private conglomerate to identify fraud predators and offers a collective effort for employees' motivation to satisfy social moral obligations to foster antifraud and anticorruption enabling workplace. The key is to psych employees to be cautious of fraudulent activities, remodel behaviors, develop a greater sense of social and moral responsibility, improve discipline, help to build individual value of integrity, increase morale, and amplify resistance to negative peer pressure, especially in a subvert culturally simulated locations. Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is purely a program that protects the interest of the participating companies, and allows making well-informing decisions, safeguarding their business interest, disrupting fraud plans, and reducing occupational dishonesty to diminish the risk of fraudulent actives in companies and agencies.
Disruption of inherent fraudulent and corrupt practices
It allows management to handle issues of detecting and preventing insider crime, which is not always a quick solution because white-collar crimes have an inherent intricacy, especially in organizations that experience a synchronize practice of corruption that breeds fraudulent activities. The successful implementation of this Afro-Red flag Protection Shield program in companies provides the opportunities for effective networking at a corporate level, continental commerce, and builds trust that emerges with due diligence, efficiency, transparency, trustworthiness, consistency, and predictability, which are the primary values that help companies to avoid business catastrophes.
Benchmark for employee's personal responsibility and accountability
The precept of this innovation is far from violating the individual rights and confidentiality of company employees, but is an aspiration to prevent future insider's white-collar crimes, and is reckoned as good faith compliance program that sets benchmarks for employee's personal responsibility and accountability in organizations. However, it is designed to share the factual incidents, occurrences, or cases of employees, or appointed agents and others relating to official misconduct, breach of trust, fraudulent or dubious activities, and corrupt practices with potential consequences of termination or unlawful conviction that are real and has a potential to help other companies or group to impede or prevent insides crime activities.
Data management and information sharing
United Business Intelligence System is managed by an independent provider who coordinates the collection of data among participating companies as a counterintelligence measure to identify the pattern of frauds, unethical practices, agents of fraud, and promoters of insider's crimes. This information is shared among participation companies or agencies across Africa to help corporate leaders make well-informed decisions, educate employees, and encourage the implementation of new rules, regulations, and policies. Furthermore, the ability to share fraudulent activities among organizations through web-based innovation promotes ethics training, enforcement of compliance to rules, and creation of employee's code of conduct. All of this impacts human resources development through changes in hiring process and contractor assessment. In addition, it influences the provision of grants and loans, business partnership evaluation, and helps keep pace with onward changes relating to fraud in order for members to make appropriate business-related decisions.
Rebranding, restoration and credibility
Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield program has a total propensity to reestablish corporate reputation, pride, and professionalism, boost customers' assurance, remode employee's unethical behavior, increases employees loyalty and conformity to the organizational code of conduct, increase the morale of dedicated employees, and reduce the vulnerability of fraud, insecurity, and other related loses that affect businesses, which emanate from occupational fraud. Besides, white-collar crimes are the result of the dissolute reinvention of the get rich quick syndrome, based on this premise, the Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is introduced as a three-fold benefit package that comprises employers, employees, and customers.
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