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Uncover the Secret of White-Collar Crime in your Company and Business Enterprises
Insiders Fraud Deterrence and Detection Innovation Overview
The objective of this program is to add to the existing compliance rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and codes of conduct of organizations and make a positive psychological effort to modify a systematic unethical behavioral pattern among employees of participating organizations or institutions. Over the years, legislations, sanctions, regulations, laws, and policies cannot solve the habitual fraud, unethical conduct and corruption among employees, contractors, and agents. Based on this premise, this program reinforces the need for an antifraud oriented culture in organizations through a well-defined network of employers with common aspiration to change the perceptions and orientations of employees positively that establishes a sense of accountability for the common good for the employers or organizations.

Finally, another key advantage of the program is that participating employers get easy access to information that helps business decisions, builds good public image, improves the integrity of companies, and identifies them as nation builders. Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield (ARPS) program was deliberately designed as a precautionary measure to prevent losses in companies. This innovation provides better analysis and help companies and agencies to achieve a more pragmatic approach to handle the triangle of fraud, "motive, rationalization and opportunity," which is a gateway to slash the magnitude of mismanagement, white-collar fraud, breach of trust, disloyalty, and systematic corruption among organizations. The issue of insiders' white-collar crimes is a national and continental problem that demands an urgent response of each employer for the fight against fraud. Afro-Red flag Protective Shield (ARPS) technically reinforces best business practices and helps simplify networks among companies to foster non-tolerance to fraud and corruption among employees and stakeholders of companies.

Participating companies enjoy annual assessments relating to overall risk, compliance enforcement, employees' response to code of conduct, policies and procedures, law and regulations. We provide a confidential report for top management based on statistic analysis conducted through a random quantitative survey among employees by scholar practitioners, and risk managers. The report contains a scientific method of validation, including recommendations, if required, but this is an optional benefit to participants with a provision of opt-out, "not interested."
Inculcate whistle-blowing culture at ease
The program allows leaders of organizations to inculcate values of self-discipline that promote a whistle-blowing culture at ease. The preeminence of the need of zero tolerance of insiders' white-collar crime in business premises by employers helps to predisposed employees to sanction a culture of reporting of crime or misconduct, which is not a breach of confidentiality agreement. Management is opted to transmit the details of omission or incident or occurrence to United Business Intelligence System. This is deemed as a third party who does not modify or liable for the contents but as an intelligence reporting system that is shared in a " pool of common interest ," associated or agencies or companies against employees' fraud and corruption in business."
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